Team Wellness at Engenious: A Partnership with Resonate Organizational Wellness

Team Wellness at Engenious: A Partnership with Resonate Organizational Wellness

Team Wellness at Engenious: A Partnership with Resonate Organizational Wellness

  • Posted by Melissa Nickel
  • On October 6, 2021

Engenious Design takes a holistic approach to benefits and team wellness, considering what best supports each individual as a whole person. We truly care for each other, and one of our goals is to encourage wellness along all dimensions.

National Norms

The 2021 Work Health Survey from Mental Health America reflected that 71% of respondents indicated that workplace stress affects their mental health. Even more alarming, 59% of respondents did not think that their supervisors/leaders provided emotional support to help manage their stress. Engenious is a tight-knit team and we are continually working to make a difference to the world around us, so taking care of our team is a top priority! We do not want these national statistics to reflect our team’s experience.

Thinking Outside the Box at Engenious

Sometimes that means bringing in the experts! Queue Resonate Organizational Wellness (ROW). This local group is made up of licensed therapists and including those with business background who are skilled at coaching individuals and teams. ROW helps with personal and interpersonal topics that impede personal wellness, organizational growth and issues that cause unnecessary stress to teams. Using a coaching methodology based in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and systems theory, they have worked with Engenious since Spring of 2021 to provide tools for stress & anxiety management and effective & healthy communication. As stated by Grant Wood, LCMFT, in a team training “everyone is dealing with some kind of anxiety at all times, when people feel safe/secure, they function to their strengths”.


At present, our world can be full of divisiveness. ROW has taught our team that “validating someone is not agreeing with them. It is making sense of why THEY think and feel what they think and feel”. Greg Ferguson, LCPC and Grant Wood, LCMFT have instructed in group and 1:1 sessions about effective communication – empowering the “sender” to not only state what they are experiencing, but also what they need/want while allowing the “receiver” to ask questions, validate and collaborate. This has been a game changer for many of us – both personally and professionally.

How We’re Doing

As an organization we recently participated in a survey administered by Quantum Workplace to provide anonymous feedback from our team on how we’re doing. 100% of the Engenious team indicated that “I know I can depend on the other members of my team” and “My immediate coworkers consistently go the extra mile to achieve great results”. At Engenious, we do not want to fit into the “norms” of a national study, we want to be exceptional and stand out! The following quote from a team member in this independent survey reflects the results of this effort!

“At Engenious I feel seen. I feel recognized when I succeed and supported in areas I need growth. The culture is positive, friendly, inclusive, and productive. The people care about the work they do, and care about doing it well. Engenious seeks to be a company built of quality employees, and they do this by placing focus on people over output. They understand and revel in the fact that people who are supported and valued produce high quality work and it is evident in every part of the organization. Engenious has helped me tremendously to develop professionally, and I look forward to going to work every day.” – Engenious Team Member, anonymous survey results.


Our core cultural values are Relate, Create, Produce, and Improve. So, we curate a benefits package and culture to rival, and even exceed, those at larger organizations. We believe that every aspect of our work matters, including the benefits we provide.

We are continually seeking input from our team about what matters most to them. We implement what we’ve learned from our team. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s another quote from a member of the team.

“Engenious Design is a fantastic place to work and grow as an engineer. The team cares about everyone’s success and creates an environment that encourages collaboration.”

If you’re curious to know more, drop us a line!


Grant Wood, LCMFT

Grant is a specialist in human emotional, relational, social and spiritual development. Grant has completed advanced training in Systems Theory and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and loves to bring his experience to mediate high conflict relationships in families and organizations. Grant’s coaching is geared towards helping people move through personal barriers and to become more congruent with their true natures. His coaching style is hospitable and assertive, helping people feel at ease as they engage the hard work of self-examination.

Greg Ferguson, LPC

With an extensive background in the advertising and publishing business, Greg’s goal is to create a safe, affirming place for people to feel heard and understood, and to find the tools they need to move forward. Greg is passionate about helping people enhance their connection, repair broken relationships, and improve communication. Greg works from an Attachment perspective and utilizes Emotion Focused Therapy and Systems Theory to assist people in developing more meaningful relationships, greater wholeness and a clearer sense of purpose.

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