Clinical Insights: Better Healthcare

Clinical Insights Program

About Our Unique Program

We design medical devices here at Engenious, which means we spend a lot of time thinking about how our creations will be used by patients and caregivers. We created the Clinical Insights program to integrate practicing healthcare providers into the design process. This enables us to include real clinicians in the entire design cycle, from formative work and early definition of opportunities, into preliminary design and through final validation.

Engenious Design’s Clinical Insights Program incorporates regular and meaningful feedback from healthcare professionals into the design of the tools and equipment clinicians use daily. Our team includes highly-specialized healthcare professionals who collaborate with our design team through focus groups, surveys, phone conversations, in-person concept or prototype evaluations and interviews.

Our goal is to create great caregiver and patient experiences by getting healthcare providers involved early and often in the development of each medical device

How to Participate

Intrigued? Want to know more? Let us know if you are seeking clinical insights or if you
are interested in providing your perspectives as a healthcare provider; let’s get started!

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