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At Engenious Design, we create medical devices and other high technology systems for our clients. This means we conceptualize, design, program, build and test medical devices & high technology systems that save lives and make the world a better place. Our team includes some of the best people from their respective fields. As an Engenious Intern, this means you would get to work directly with highly skilled and friendly experts, who are ready to help you further develop your skills with collaborative work.

Our teams work together on numerous projects which keeps us busy and on our toes. It’s a fast-paced workplace, with a spacious electronics lab and an even larger model shop and test lab.  Our team includes creative engineers, designers, technicians, and project leaders who are constantly learning new tools and techniques.

The Engenious summer internship is the perfect opportunity for an individual looking to gain real-world experience in product development. Someone who is interested in being an active contributor to medical device and other advanced technology projects.

If this describes you, apply for a paid summer internship in our Kansas City-based design center. Not just a way to fill your summer, this internship has been career-launching for others just like you seeking to enter product development after graduation!

Internship: Summer 2024

Kansas City

We recognize that top talent comes from all over the world, however Engenious Design is unable to offer visa sponsorship opportunities at this time; candidates must be authorized to work in the United States


Connor Sullivan

Intern, Summer of 2023

A computer engineering Masters candidate, Connor worked alongside the rest of the software team on several important projects. His work included developing drivers, architecting and implementing a system manager, coding a message handler for communication, and configuration of a peripheral test tool. His work was invaluable to the Software team as well as the larger Engenious team.

Surrounding his experience, Conner stated: 

“An internship at Engenious gave me a real feeling of what it’s like to work on a team in industry. I was given the opportunity to do real work on real projects. This allowed me to both apply my knowledge and learn many valuable lessons from the engineers that I was working alongside. Questions I had were not only met with answers, but also discussions about larger design decisions where it was clear that my input was valued. I didn’t feel like an intern, I felt like part of the team.”

Jordan Gamble
Jordan Gamble

Intern, Summer of 2022

A mechanical engineering PhD candidate, working with spinal fusion devices, Jordan focused on optimizing mechanical and electrical stimuli to enhance bone regeneration for clinical and tissue engineering purposes. She is currently acquiring in-field experience with her strong interest in research, design, and testing of medical devices, specifically in orthopedics. 

Surrounding her experience, Jordan stated: 

“The majority of my engineering background has been in education. My internship with Engenious has given me the chance to apply my skills in a professional setting, while still expanding my practical skills as a mechanical engineer.  The hands-on tasks and project-based collaborations have also been invaluable to me. The culture and work environment at Engenious is collaborative and welcoming as well.”

Megan Kinnane

Intern, Summer of 2020 and 2021

A biomedical engineering student, Megan brought her love of medical devices to Engenious and was able to test-drive her skills to establish medical device specification and requirements to an engineering level of detail while being mentored by experts in a myriad of engineering disciplines. Learning how to be a cross-functional leader focused on answering “how should we make this medical device?” Megan was a solid contributor to the team!

Surrounding her experience, Megan stated:

“My internship at Engenious has been one of the highlights of my engineering education. I’ve been able to learn from and work with engineering professionals who value my education and growth in the field. The diverse projects I have had the opportunity to work on not only gave me valuable hands-on experience but also a well-rounded idea of how I wanted to use my degree. My summers at Engenious provided practical context to my courses, benefitting me as a student and as a professional.”

Nick Fowler

Intern, Summer of 2019

A mechanical engineering student, Nick worked collaboratively to design, build and test electromechanical devices, developed solutions around injection-molded plastic constraints, communicated design concepts through SolidWorks modeling, completed product development builds by leveraging in-house prototype capabilities, and SO much more.

Surrounding his experience, Nick stated:

“The whole office is a wealth of knowledge and I always felt like I could turn to anyone for help. Knowledge was shared. The Engenious team helped me understand why things were done the way they are. It never felt like people were only telling me what was necessary to help them out. Typically, when I asked 1 question, 5 got answered.”



With a combined skill set of over 30+ years in the industry, Engenious employees are a wealth on knowledge to show you the ropes​

Social Events

While we are very serious about what we do at Engenious Design, we are equally serious about getting together and experiencing life outside of the office

Hands On Experience

You won't be on the sidelines watching the other employees working. As an intern you will be in the thick of it right beside them designing and building new products from the beginning


We create new products that improve lives by working quickly and collaboratively to get what's important done, and we take responsibility to make things better



Here’s an outline of what you can typically expect when exploring a fit on the Engenious team. Every member of our team has applied through the same process, and we understand the non-trivial amount of effort required. We believe it is worth it to invest in a stellar team!

Online application

Use a link above to complete a quick application (about 10 minutes)

Take home project

Your chance to show off, and get a taste of the role you've applied for (about 1 hour)

Interview with a manager

A conversation (Zoom or in person) with a leader of the functional group you could be joining (about 1 hour)

On-site interview

A combination of group discussion and 1:1 interviews. You'll get to interact with both possible co-workers and senior leaders at Engenious


We’d love to hear from you if you think you have what it takes to become our next intern and work with our amazing team of designers.