Experience is important, especially in electrosurgery

Electrosurgical System Design

Let's Talk Electrosurgery

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We know Electrosurgery

Our experience enables us to understand the unique challenges of this technology. Over their careers, our team has been part of designing 11 electrosurgical systems for various therapies ranging from vascular closure and nerve ablation to general surgery. This experience includes single-electrode, multi-electrode, monopolar and bipolar applications, ablation/cut/coag/gas plasma coagulation, and therapies involving dynamic fluid delivery and cooling.

We have deep experience with IEC:60601-2-2, drastically reducing your risks of a last-minute surprise

Our team has worked with the IEC:60601-2-2 standard for over 15 years, navigating electrosurgical systems through agency approval. Our track record means we save projects from getting mired in schedule-eating safety agency trouble, or from uncovering last-minute technical surprises that catch less-experienced teams off guard.

Electrosurgery specifics where Engenious Design can help:

  • Contact quality monitors
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • Unique MOPP requirements
  • Dielectric strength
  • Creepage/clearance
  • HF leakage
  • Accessory insulation
  • Crest factor
  • Operation duty cycle
  • Controls and Instrumentation Accuracy
  • Monotonicity of outputs
  • Protection against hazardous outputs
  • Max power in single fault
  • Max power during simultaneous activations
  • Short circuit protections

Engenious electrosurgical system design capabilities

Our unstoppable team can tackle specific issues,
freeing your team for other strategic work

Monopolar & Bipolar

Our team has fielded systems that are monopolar, bipolar, and systems that switch between modes

Systems Engineering

RFG-specific requirements, architecture, risk management, and expert technical coordination of highly integrated engineering teams

Multiple outputs

Multiple active outputs increase complexity of measurement and control, but we have solved these issues before

Ablation, Cut, Coag, Gas Plasma

We navigate amplifier and control systems requirements of all these modes – and we appreciate the differences

Control systems

Experienced RFG feedback control systems engineers. Temperature, power, voltage, and combination controlled. Gas plasma and fluid delivery too

Safety isolation

Type CF devices for defibrillator-proof direct cardiac application, and the unique isolation requirements for RF surgery equipment


Instrumenting voltage, current, phase, temperature and return electrodes on isolated patient connected ESU outputs

Cooled tips

Fluid-cooling of electrosurgery tips and applicators, pump-controlled

Experience is important, especially in RF electrosurgery where complex issues will surprise the uninitiated

Let's Talk Electrosurgery

Great teamwork starts with a conversation!