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Rapid Development

We will immerse ourselves in your industry to learn quickly how to apply our knowledge and past experience to the development of your product. Our specialties include Electrical, Mechanical, and Embedded Software systems.









Our Experience Produces Results

At last count, our portfolio included over 35 commercially-released products. Because of our teams’ work, there are hundreds of thousands of cleverly-designed high-tech and consumer devices out there, making the world a better place. The excitement of solving real problems for real people drives us to work with a sense of importance and urgency.

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UV Monitor Wearable Device

Engenious designed a sleek, IPx7 water-resistant enclosure around tiny, complicated electronics for the the first solar-powered UV monitor on the market.

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Solar Power Hub

Engenious architected a solar power system to bring light to developing countries at an affordable price – applying fresh thinking to reduce effects of poverty.

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High Precision Consumer Goods

Engenious elevated a consumer wearable with design and production improvements that reduced cost, reduced lead time and increased quality – elevating a luxury watchmaker’s flagship product.

Take It From Our Clients:

We are built to be rapid and integrated!

We have a Micro-Electronics Lab, a Model & Machine Shop, a CNC Milling Machine, and SLA and FDM 3D printers to build, test, and iterate quickly

Our Team is Our Secret Weapon

We have it covered and we’re serious about getting our important work done quickly, and with excellence

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanisms, enclosures, thermal design, fluid handling, gas control, GD&T, DFM, optics, high-reliability mechanical design

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Embedded Software

Real time microcontrollers, PID control systems, network, device drivers, filters, audio/video, wireless, high-reliability software

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Industrial Design

Interactive products, handles, grips, controls, indicators, models, and user-centered holistic design that works from the inside-out and outside-in

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Electrical Engineering

Sensors, analog signal conditioning, power supplies, amplifiers, motor control, FPGA, wireless, high-reliability electronics

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Interaction Design

Graphical user interfaces, multi-language, iconography, information hierarchy, UI navigation, wireframing, concept development

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Graphic Design

Labeling, packaging, instructions for use, concept sketches, clinical education and support materials, identity and exhibit graphics applications

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Boutique Manufacturing

Work instructions, process validation, rapid, short run prototypes, production-equivalent, device history records, controlled environment

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Project Management

Experienced project planning, project coordination, collaborative progress management, risk management, timeline and budget controls

Let's Talk High Tech & Consumer Goods

Great teamwork starts with a conversation!