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Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid Prototyping Iteration Makes Us Different

Engenious Design is built to design rapidly, with unique in-house capabilities and a team that can design, fabricate, build, test, and iterate without stepping outside our facility. This enables us to create quickly and improve designs when parts from external vendors would be stuck in shipping.

We have the Industrial Design capabilities to pre-visualize products: we can develop concepts, create sketches, design 3D models, and make photo-realistic renders. Our in-house model-making team quickly crafts functional and appearance models so you can get hands-on with physical parts that work.

Engenious Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

Whether it’s for a key investor, a trade show, a human factors study, or anything in between, we have all the resources
under one roof to provide high-end appearance models, proof of concept samples, and functional prototypes.

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Industrial Design

Deep knowledge of device design trends, advanced concept visualization capabilities and 3D modeling tools allow us to quickly iterate to the best concepts.

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A full-time model maker and a prototype shop equipped with a 4-axis CNC mill, SLA and FDM 3D printers, and paint booth can produce beautiful show-ready prototypes.

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System Integration

Our electrical, mechanical, and embedded software engineers can rapidly integrate advanced functionality like live buttons, lights, and LCD screens for meaningful demonstrations.

We aren’t a manufacturer

We don’t intend to become one. But, our focus on rapid prototype development
for clients led us to establish QMS Manufacturing Controls for two reasons:

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Faster Validation-Equivalent Systems

Tired of waiting months to start design validation with contract manufacturer-produced systems? Our ability to quickly make production-equivalent systems to a known and controlled configuration allows us to conduct design validation up to two months earlier than others. Critical path work happens in parallel, not series!

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Agile Clinical Trial Support

Our medical QMS and manufacturing controls empowered us to produce thousands of custom clinical trial kits in-house with full DMR/DHR to support USA clinical trials. We help start-ups run agile clinical trials, empowering rapid response to changes while remaining fully compliant with regulation.

We can quickly and beautifully bring your vision into the real world.

Beautiful Prototypes. In Weeks.

This case study video highlights a functional appearance model produced in a matter of days for a demonstration to a Fortune 50 potential investor.

Our Team is Our Secret Weapon

Along with our rapid prototyping capabilities, our other in-house capabilities include:

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All the design and engineering disciplines in one organization, including electrical, mechanical, systems, and embedded software engineers.

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3D Printing

SLA prototypes in various materials for tight-tolerance and challenging geometry parts, FDM printing in various materials for low-cost and fast iteration.

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CNC Milling

Metals, plastics, modeling board, carbon fiber and other materials. High-strength and durable materials make for robust prototypes that can go the distance.

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Quick-turn Electronics

Our electrical team regularly packs complex electronics into unbelievably tight spots to make systems work like magic.

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Interaction Design

Quickly creating prototype user interfaces, establishing UI navigation, and developing screen content.

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Graphic Design

Branding, typography, graphics, iconography, and decals from our in-house graphic designers.

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Membrane Switches

No need to wait weeks, we can create functional membrane switches in full color – in one day.

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Museum-worthy displays

Custom printed acrylic stands and display solutions to make prototypes stand apart, even on the road.

Let's Talk About Prototype Design

Great teamwork starts with a conversation!