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Engenious Design partners with inventors, emerging startups, and entrepreneurs on your inventions and product ideas that make the world a better place. We provide support to advance your idea to the next level. While we help our clients advance on all design fronts, we don’t license IP nor invest in companies. Our engineering team delivers tradeshow-worthy prototypes; and we create beautiful concept renders to assist early-stage startups to secure patents, win investor funding, and get ideas into production. See our invention help & product development services below.

Product Development Services & Invention Help

Our tradeshow-worthy prototypes and illustrations help win investor funding, get market feedback and show stakeholders what’s to come.

Additional Services

Every product is unique, which is why we apply the right services to maximize impact. See some of our services
focused on early-stage products, or connect with us to learn more about our experience getting products to market.

We move at lightning speed to achieve tangible results in a short timeline under tight budget constraints. We iterate rapidly to turn your ideas into commercially viable products.


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