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Our team creates compelling designs that make the world a better place.



Human-Centered Approach

Engenious Design focuses on keeping users at the heart of the industrial design process. Technology is important, and we work to use it in a way that supports user needs first.

User-centric design has been a deeply held value at Engenious Design from our inception. Our thoughtful, human-centered approach to industrial design generates product solutions with intuitive usability and intentional aesthetics. Our designs center around our ability to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for success.

We quickly validate concepts through creative problem solving, multidisciplinary design, concept development, fast visualization, rapid prototyping and design refinement.

Our Process

Our proven process brings new and innovative technologies, systems, and product experiences to the market.

Engenious Design industrial designers trailblaze imaginative, yet feasible, paths forward while remaining flexible to the changing demands of users and the market. This is accomplished alongside collaborative efforts of multi-disciplinary teams through careful research and creative design execution.

Our Expertise


Our team of industrial designers and engineers humanize advanced technology to deliver market-ready solutions that improve the lives of patients and clinicians.


Through iterative research and ideation, our industrial designers discover pressing needs and desires which translate into insights and captivating product experiences.

Let's Talk Industrial Design

Great teamwork starts with a conversation!