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You have a great team—a team that knows your customers, your markets and your products. But sometimes you need help.

That’s where Engenious Design’s medical device engineering services come in. We fold into the dedicated team you’ve already built,
working alongside as partners. Our team approaches projects with humility and a learning frame of mind.

Our collaborative approach means more visibility and lower risk than other outside firms.

Our Specialities

Medical Devices and High Technology/Consumer Goods

Our team’s extensive experience includes high tech medical devices such as life support cardiac and ventilation, patient monitors, surgical tools, and therapeutic systems to solar home lighting, ultra-compact wearable electronics, wireless devices, vision systems, robotics, streaming HD video, autonomous flying vehicles, workplace automation, security systems, and handheld computers.

Our Unique Advantages

Rapid Iteration

Our medical device engineering services are built to iterate designs rapidly, with unique in-house capabilities and a team that can design, fabricate, build, test, and iterate without stepping outside our facility. This enables us to quickly improve designs, iterating designs here in our lab when parts from external shops might get delayed in shipping. Find Out More >

Experienced team

We have a team with extensive experience designing medical devices. Engenious has all the design and engineering disciplines in one organization, including electrical, mechanical, systems, and embedded software engineers, test engineers, project leads, regulatory experts, graphic, interaction, and industrial designers.

Innovative solutions

Commercializing medical devices; it’s what we do. Engenious leverages our broad experience to solve problems and improve systems with fresh ideas.

Proven portfolio

Our team has ushered devices through notified body evaluation, including Class III/II/I, FDA 510(k) and CE Mark systems. Our team’s portfolio spans critical care respiratory, critical care cardiac, critical care monitoring, vascular devices, surgical devices, and many others.

Our Location

Our strategic location allows us to provide hardworking and experienced engineers who are a short flight from locations nationwide. Our team regularly works with companies in the areas around San Francisco Bay, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Boston, and elsewhere.

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Let's Talk

Great teamwork starts with a conversation!