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About the Program

The Engenious Design Clinical Insights Program is a venue for healthcare professionals to elevate their profession by providing meaningful feedback on the design of tools and equipment they use daily.

Our team includes Electrical, Embedded Software, Mechanical and Test Engineers, Industrial, Interaction and Graphic Designers. We want clinicians like you as part of our design team to collaborate and make healthcare better for everyone!

Interested in taking the next step? Sign-up and tell us about yourself! We have opportunities for healthcare professionals in the Kansas City metro area and remote participation options across the United States. Know another medical professional that would be passionate about this type of opportunity? Share this page with them!

Has a medical device ever frustrated you as a clinician? Do you ever wonder “what were they thinking when they designed this?” Have you ever wanted to provide input on the design of medical equipment before it is used in patient care?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us to help make healthcare better!

How It Works

Healthcare professionals are paid depending on their clinical expertise and nature of the study. If you are a healthcare professional, please sign-up and tell us about yourself! We can make healthcare better with your expertise.

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