Clinical Insights Program: Involving Healthcare Providers In Device Design

Clinical Insights Program: Involving Healthcare Providers In Device Design

Clinical Insights Program: Involving Healthcare Providers In Device Design

  • Posted by Melissa Nickel
  • On August 22, 2019

The Why

At Engenious Design, we create medical devices on behalf of our clients. We are a group of designers and engineers, and we invest a lot of time thinking about how these devices will be used. To create the best devices possible, we go to the experts (healthcare providers) whenever possible; much earlier and more often than standard in medical device design. Our goal is to get healthcare providers involved early and often in the development of a medical device! That’s why we developed the clinical insights program.

The How: Clinical Insights Program

Engenious Design’s Clinical Insights Program incorporates regular and meaningful feedback from healthcare professionals into the design of the tools and equipment clinicians use daily. Our team includes highly-specialized healthcare professionals. These professionals collaborate with our design team through focus groups, surveys, phone conversations, in-person concept or prototype evaluations and interviews.

Medical Device Design Input Is Essential

Our experience has indicated that healthcare providers are eager to provide input. This is especially true in regard to the design of devices that they use on a daily basis. We are not in the business of doing market research, our focus is understanding customer needs and healthcare workflows. We don’t want a device validated after the design process, we want input from end-users throughout the process.

As part of our expanded team, we employ active healthcare professionals with day jobs that help us coordinate our network of healthcare professionals that includes highly specialized medical professionals, nationwide, collaborating with our design team through focus groups, surveys, and interviews.

Our approach is always customized to the product, client, industry, area of healthcare… but no matter the customization we ALWAYS receive valuable insight that makes the product BETTER!

Interested in finding out more about getting clinical expertise and giving input? Check out the Engenious Clinical Insights Program.


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