Team Spotlight: Tyler Kodanaz

Team Spotlight: Tyler Kodanaz

Team Spotlight: Tyler Kodanaz

  • Posted by Tyler Kodanaz
  • On April 20, 2022

At Engenious, our team is key to our success, and we love to celebrate all the people who make it happen. We are highlighting some of the people who make Engenious Design a leading design partner for medical devices and high technology systems.


Tyler Kodanaz

Tyler Kodanaz | Associate Electrical Engineer

Tyler is deeply intrigued by the inner workings of anything that moves! This sentiment has been incorporated and fulfilled through his electrical design work at Engenious Design.


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A fairly new member of the team, Tyler started his career as an Associate Electrical Engineer after completing his degree at Kansas State University. He is an avid pilot and has always been drawn to motors and movement mechanisms. When he joined Engenious, there was an avionics project that was just wrapping up, but he knew there could be more and his opportunity would come around.


His project work to date has included designing critical sub-circuits and implementing design updates. These projects give him a lot of pride knowing that his contributions are directly tied to the success of the whole device. Recently Tyler has begun leading the electrical engineering effort for subsystems on devices and even acting as the electrical core team lead on entire projects.



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In the summer of 2021 I had the opportunity to own and work on the interface circuitry of a medical device. A project where I was in the initial architecture design, created my first schematic from scratch, and went on to layout and produce a PCBA out of that design. This involved a lot of cross discipline collaboration which I really enjoy.


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What other projects have been exciting? Tyler was integral in the design process of a rapid prototype build microwave generator for Precision Microwave Medical. “This is another fast-paced, start from scratch and produce a quick prototype kind of project, where I got to architect the system and solve some fun design challenges. I am very excited to see where this goes.” Throughout this project, Tyler worked closely with our mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and software engineers to implement a system that met the needs of the client. This prototype microwave generator was completed in early 2022 and unveiled at the Society of interventional Oncology conference in San Francisco, California.


Each day at Engenious is an opportunity to better himself and he comes to work excited about what he will learn next!

“Always learning, always. Some days are more challenging than others, but every day learning is a day spent well (even when the learning is painful). I am thankful to have some incredible mentors here at Engenious.”


Tyler continues to grow at Engenious Design and use his talents in new and unexpected ways. He’s still ready to raise his hand for the next avionics project, which he’s sure will be just around the corner. Until then, he impresses us each day with his ability to tackle new challenges and innovate! We are proud to have Tyler as part of the Engenious Team.


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Tyler Kodanaz | Associate Electrical Engineer
Tyler Kodanaz
Associate Electrical Engineer at Engenious Design

A Kansas State graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Tyler started his career in the industry with Engenious Design. With an impressive diversity of extra-curricular activities and an excellent degree, Tyler works on a team to architect, design, build, document, and test complex embedded electronic and microcontroller systems.