Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

This Graphic Designer is a key member of our creative team! The designer brings appropriate design aesthetic to our entire brand identity/corporate identity. The designer creates compelling B2B social content, presentation design, responsive site design and a broad variety of digital/print materials to be proud of.

They collaborate with Engenious stakeholders and external partners such as photographers, copywriters, editors, illustrators, Industrial Designers, creative directors, web developers, marketers and others.


  • Create B2B social media graphics (primarily LinkedIn)
  • Create social media graphics for recruiting
  • Develop new website style guide, implement new page content in collaboration with developers
  • Update design style guide, corporate identity/brand identity
  • Create new presentation templates, presentations and presentation graphics
  • Signage design
  • Other digital design such as brochures
  • Print material design


  • Maintain Professional Relationships, communication, demeanor, appearance and work environment.
  • Work for the Collective Good, giving others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Act and Speak to Support rather than inhibit or sabotage others (clients, teammates, external partners).
  • Work Collaboratively with a sense of urgency, ownership and attention to detail.
  • Internally Driven for productivity.
  • Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • Makes It Happen, not just there when it happens.
  • Able to Think on Her/His Feet
  • Self-Aware, others-aware, situationally aware.
  • Humble, but self-confident.
  • Adjust Focus on Detail or broader view to suit the situation.
  • Be Conversant about the Medical Device Industry, advanced technology product development processes, and medical concepts including anatomy, physiology, and disease processes relevant to medical device work.
  • Work Within Schedule and Budget constraints making appropriate trade-off decisions.

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