Episode 2: Active EMI Filter

Episode 2: Active EMI Filter

Episode 2: Active EMI Filter

  • Posted by Griffin Adams
  • On October 10, 2022

Today's device is about minimizing volume

Active EMI Filter (AEF):
Active EMI filters inject a cancellation voltage or current to reduce radiated and conducted noise… actively. They can be built and tuned do-it-yourself style with op-amps, but it is always convenient to have a ready to place part, like this offering from Vicor. The volume and area savings come in because the inductor values needed for AEF are substantially smaller than passive EMI solutions.


Our guy, Griffin Adams, regularly tells our team about novel electronic devices he’s uncovered, and we are sharing them with you too. Griffin is a Senior Electrical Engineer at Engenious Design where he designs parts for space launch vehicles and medical devices that make the world a better place.


Griffin Adams Website Bio - Electrical Engineer
Griffin Adams
Senior Electrical Engineer at Engenious Design

Griffin has almost a decade of experience with electronics design and assembly, test and troubleshooting, and embedded software. His combination of Electronics Technology degree and Engineering Physics degree gives him a unique perspective on product design. His motto to never stop learning drives him to stay informed of technology, trends, and advancements not only in electrical engineering but also in related fields of physics and bioengineering. Griffin has designed PCB’s for consumer electronics that include digital signal processors and DDR memory, and medical devices that need rigid-flex PCBs capable of folding into a handheld device.