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Industrial Design Trends: What Medical Device R&D Leaders Need to Know

Medical devices have particular industrial design needs that set them apart from consumer products. In this article, we explore what makes medical devices unique, and provide a summary of recent industrial design trends: aesthetic, style, color, material and finishes applicable to the needs of medical devices.

Clinical Insights Program: Involving Healthcare Providers In Device Design

At Engenious Design, we create medical devices on behalf of our clients. We are a group of designers and engineers, and we invest a lot of time thinking about how these devices will be used.

Expertise in Electrosurgery

In 1920 an eccentric inventor named William T. Bovie developed an innovative electrosurgical unit that passes high frequency current into the body allowing the current to cut or coagulate. Harvey Cushing, the founder of modern neurosurgery, introduced this technology to clinical practice.

Our Mothers Would Be Proud

At Engenious, we design products that help your loved ones! Our mothers’ would be proud!

Research has long shown the correlation between the use of urinary catheters and morbidity and mortality among elderly patients.

Computational Fluid Dynamics & Disc Golf

Who knew that computational fluid dynamics and disc golf went hand-in-hand? Our very own Griffin Adams did! He designed a virtual wind tunnel to improve his disc golf game. One of his many hobbies for when he isn’t designing circuits for our clients.

Fidget Spinner by Stephen & Ricky

The recent rise in popularity would lead one to believe that the fidget spinner is a relatively recent invention. Actually, fidget spinners have have been around since the 1990s.

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