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New Wearables Positioned For Resurgence As COVID-19 Outbreaks Rise and Fall

Just a few years ago, fitness trackers and smartwatches were flying off shelves, captivating consumers with the newly democratized capability to track fitness milestones and heart rates. In the intervening time, we’ve gotten used to viewing and analyzing these types of health data. While wearable devices may not seem as exciting as they did in [...]

Ventilator R&D Post COVID-19 – What’s Next?

Ventilation R&D leaders are facing challenging days: everyone on the planet has lit a fire under them to produce ventilators as quickly as possible for the common good. This sense of urgency has been fueled, in part, by the unknown impact of this pandemic and potential scarcity of ventilators based upon infection rate trajectories. However, [...]

Article Series | Preserve Technical Knowledge: Accessible Documentation

How R&D leaders can preserve core technical knowledge amidst changing teams and external partnerships with accessible documentation. The first article in a series on proven practices that medical device R&D leaders can implement to hold competitive advantages and hard-won product knowledge in-house.

FDA Device Recalls: A Primer for Medical Device Research & Development Leaders

When medical device Research & Development groups face the potential for a recall, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation. Smart R&D leaders must equip themselves ahead of time in order to lead effectively during recalls.

FDA Emergency Use Authorizations: What Happens to Products After the Emergency Is Over?

How do medical device R&D leaders get a product to market quickly in emergency situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 90+ day 510(k) approval timeline to consider?

Are Bag Valve Mask drive systems the COVID-19 emergency ventilation solution? A designer’s review.

Like many with engineering history in ventilator development, I was excited to see globe-spanning work to quickly create or adapt emergency ventilators to address the mounting COVID-19 pandemic. I read the MIT paper with their BVM system and came away thinking the system isn’t the simple answer we all want.

COVID-19 Respiratory Distress Workflow Hypothesis

When Engenious got the call from a government organization to help brainstorm ways to avoid a ventilator crisis, we jumped into action. It was obvious that there were a thousand ways to design a ventilator, but we were particularly interested in designing something that meets the core needs of doctors and nurses on the front [...]

N95 respirators are medical devices; learn how FDA treats these devices that are critical to our nation’s COVID-19 response.

Protective masks like the N95 are in the news with shortages, stockpiles and new legislation around this important personal protective equipment. In this article we summarize how the FDA regulates these products, who makes them and what’s in place to make sure that they work!

Industrial Design Trends: What Medical Device R&D Leaders Need to Know

Medical devices have particular industrial design needs that set them apart from consumer products. In this article, we explore what makes medical devices unique, and provide a summary of recent industrial design trends: aesthetic, style, color, material and finishes applicable to the needs of medical devices.

Clinical Insights Program: Involving Healthcare Providers In Device Design

At Engenious Design, we create medical devices on behalf of our clients. We are a group of designers and engineers, and we invest a lot of time thinking about how these devices will be used.

Ideo’s farm team: why med device R&D leaders need one too

Twenty-some years ago, Ideo quietly brought me into the inner world of their design practice, through a little-known, and never-publicized back door.

Expertise in Electrosurgery

In 1920 an eccentric inventor named William T. Bovie developed an innovative electrosurgical unit that passes high frequency current into the body allowing the current to cut or coagulate. Harvey Cushing, the founder of modern neurosurgery, introduced this technology to clinical practice.

Our Mothers Would Be Proud

At Engenious, we design products that help your loved ones! Our mothers’ would be proud!

Research has long shown the correlation between the use of urinary catheters and morbidity and mortality among elderly patients.

Computational Fluid Dynamics & Disc Golf

Who knew that computational fluid dynamics and disc golf went hand-in-hand? Our very own Griffin Adams did! He designed a virtual wind tunnel to improve his disc golf game. One of his many hobbies for when he isn’t designing circuits for our clients.

Fidget Spinner by Stephen & Ricky

The recent rise in popularity would lead one to believe that the fidget spinner is a relatively recent invention. Actually, fidget spinners have have been around since the 1990s.

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