Project Engineer

Project Engineer

The Engenious Project Engineer could probably teach a master class on to-do lists and gets an almost-unhealthy thrill from checking things off lists. A scrappy engineer who enthusiastically gets hands-on. They would be a first pick for a Mars colonization mission for their ability to create plans and motivate teams in dynamic environments. Efficiency might be their middle name. They are a 10 on the attention-to-detail scale and constantly notice details that others miss. Technical acumen and ability to figure things out is a must! They thrive on variety, sense of urgency, and no instruction book. They can collaborate better than synchronized swimmers while acting as stabilizing and forward-thinking influencers amidst the ups and downs of product development.


  • Develop New Products from concept to commercialization, be part of creating new medical devices and electromechanical products
  • Lead Teams by providing project leadership to interdisciplinary teams of engineers and designers
  • Manage Schedule and Budgets by keeping design projects moving forward toward fast and successful completion
  • Be In the Mix on Technical Challenges by contacting the customer and internal team for product performance
  • Foster A Collaborative, team problem-solving culture
  • Demonstrate Tact and Maturity when dealing with a wide variety of people, act as a mature, stabilizing influence
  • Exhibit Excellent Communication skills
  • Exemplify A High Level of Situational Awareness (self-aware and others-aware)
  • Cultivate A Sense of Urgency, importance, and attention to detail across all aspects of our work
  • Maintain Team Focus on the right things and change focus when necessary


  • 100% Focus on Design and we get to be creative, and problem solve every day on different projects
  • A Hands-On Approach where we get to test advanced technology products in quick iterations
  • A Large Variety of Clients and Products, it never gets dull around here
  • An Infectious Sense of Urgency about the important work we do


  • Sustainable work hours – We’re all about a great mix of work-life fulfillment. We’ll give you 7 weeks paid-time-off each year as a base. No need to build up your PTO before using it. We have additional allocations for paid jury duty, short-term, bereavement and parental leave.
  • Parental Leave – Get the time off you need with our extended parental leave for any new parent
  • Flexible Work Time and Space – We thrive in a collaborative, in-office environment, but also support flexibility when needed.
  • Full-Time Benefits that include health/life/dental/vision insurance, orthodontics stipend
  • Bonus program: Our annual bonus program means that our team wins together
  • Contribute to Your Retirement – An IRA with immediate vesting – no wait for what you have earned. We’ll match your contribution, up to 3% of your salary.
  • Health Savings Account – Matched up to the federal limit, that rolls over to build up for large medical expenses
  • Company-Wide Timeout Days – Work uninterrupted with no scheduled meetings
  • Supply You with Tools for Success – We invest in the infrastructure you need to do your job from powerful computer hardware for CAD work to proprietary software
  • Team Hospitality – Social events, lunches and drinks and snacks are well stocked to keep you going

This position is based in our Kansas City design center, and not available as a remote job.

Our Team Is Marked By These Four Cultural Aspirations


We invest in healthy relationships with our team, clients, suppliers, partners, and our community.


We create new things that improve lives.


We work quickly to get what’s important done.


We have healthy unrest with the status quo, and we take responsibility to make things better.

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