Chris Justice

Chris Justice

  • Posted by Chris Justice
  • On May 27, 2020

Design engineering leader with 20 years of experience creating medical devices and high technology systems. Background in Electrical Engineering.

Experienced at building high-performance teams that develop innovative and useful medical devices – technologically-advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools for clinicians and patients. A cultivator of effective group culture; culture that benefits and attracts employees, clients, partners and the organization.

A creator of systems and infrastructure that enable innovation, problem-solving, efficiency and effective work – engaging work that is meaningful to benefit real people by saving and improving lives. Chris imparts a sense of urgency and ownership across all levels of an organization while also building a culture where all are respected.

A portfolio of 510(k) and PMA devices that include FDA class III or II in life-critical applications and class I devices as well. RF electrosurgery (RF Generators), pulse oximetry, glucometry, endoscopy, mechanical ventilation, in-vitro diagnostics, and other medical devices.

Chris has broad exposure to requirements management, system architecture, IP development, embedded software systems, high-speed digital design, analog design, interaction design, program and project management, advanced technology development, medical device regulations, ISO and FDA-compliant design control, international and domestic manufacturing, technologist and leader recruiting, organization building, problem-solving, creating new things.