Our story

The Engenious story goes
back decades.
Learn about our history and
what’s important to us.

Creative and Engineering

Engenious was founded in 2013 by a longtime creative designer and an experienced electrical engineer. From our very beginning, we valued both the creative and technical aspects of bringing new products into the world. As a result of our shared value for both creative and technical disciplines, Engenious has been built as an organization that excels at both design and engineering.

Making the world better

For our founders, it has also been important that we use our work and our influence to make the world and our community better. And we get to do just that: make the world better through our work creating new products for our clients who market and sell the systems we design. We make the world a better place through technology and it’s quite gratifying.

Founder backgrounds

Holly, the designer, spent 14 years as creative director for a consumer products company (Hallmark). Chris is an electrical engineer, the third generation in electronics. He has 22 years of experience designing medical devices of all kinds, for Stryker, Medtronic, Philips, Becton Dickenson, Cardinal Heatlhcare, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Arthex, Conmed, St. Jude Medical, and a host of startups.

Started by accident

But back to the start of our story, where Engenious was founded by accident. Just as
both founders wrapped up long
held jobs, past colleagues started reaching out for help with design. What started as a few projects helping people, it became clear there was a need for our kind of creative and engineering help. And just like that, Engenious came into being.

Organization building

For us, an important part of making the world better has been creating Engenious to be the organization that we always wanted to work for. All organizations are imperfect, including ours, but we are always working to improve and move the right direction as we learn and grow. We hope the result is an organization that the team likes to work for, and one that clients enjoy working with.


Sustainability means different things to different people. In the context of our organization, sustainability is important: meaning that we aim to become increasingly durable as an organization that isn’t dependent on any one person. For these reason, we don’t have external investors, and have built the organization through organic growth and attention to healthy cash reserves and a diverse client base.

Working together

Nearly all our business comes from relationships and repeat customers. We have zero sales staff. This means that building relationships of trust is critical to our business and a core value. Many longtime clients started out as small projects where the Engenious team built trust over time. And that’s just how we like it!

The future

We believe we are on track to become a world class design firm. In the near future, our goal is that anyone who asks a medical device R&D leader who should be considered as a design partner, Engenious is on the list.

Let’s talk

Great collaboration begins with a conversation, so let’s connect. This is for anyone considering joining Engenious, or bringing Engenious in to help with a project.

Many of our biggest long term clients
started as small projects where
Engenious earned trust over time.
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