Essential Business Status | COVID-19


Engenious Design is implementing our own phased return to working from our design center!

Like most things at Engenious, planning was a team effort. We quickly pulled together a group that conducted team polls, researched safety measures and guidelines from CDC, OSHA and ADA. We rearranged our office layout and developed a phased approach with status indicators (including a checklist for each state and transitions between states) that thoughtfully considered the safety and comfort of all team members. We are taking a build-test-learn-iterate approach to update our plans as we see what works and adjust as we learn together.

Our current status is yellow (between red [almost all working from home] and green [a bit more relaxed, but not quite normal]). This status indicator approach allows us the flexibility to move between statuses based upon the gating criteria, fully recognizing that we might need to step into another status as this pandemic continues. Here are some of our common practices right now.

  • Working in the office is allowed, but optional.
  • Social distancing and mask-wearing are strongly encouraged.
  • No visitors at the office. We’re working to keep it safe for our team!
  • Travel outside of the region/state may necessitate a 14-day work from home.
  • Conference rooms will remain closed. Face to face meetings limited. All group meetings will be virtual.
  • Lab/Model Shop. If working within 10 feet of another person for a prolonged period of time, wear a mask. The guiding principle is deference and respect for others: when in doubt, wear a mask.
  • Shared equipment. Use sanitizing wipes or some type of disinfectant to wipe down shared equipment before/after each use.
  • Use hand sanitizer when entering the building and the Engenious office, and after exiting. Employ regular hand washing and hand sanitizer use whenever possible.
  • Masks, hand-sanitizer and sanitizing wipes placed throughout the office for easy access.

Our objectives are to protect health, intentionally phase back into working from the office and provide flexibility to our team. The good news is that we have been in the red status for several months and able to maintain amazing productivity and forward momentum on product development.

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