Systems Test Engineer

Systems Test Engineer

Job Description:

The Engenious System Test Engineer is a core part of our design teams, responsible for leading thorough, evidence-based tests to ensure that critical systems are properly designed. System Testers develop test methods across all engineering disciplines, conducting software, electronics, and mechanical, and full integration testing.


  • Lead the testing of complex systems including software, electronics, and mechanical subsystems
  • Collaborate closely with Product Architects, Product/Project Managers, Software, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineers to accomplish quick ad-hoc engineering testing, formal verification and validation testing, and production testing
  • Contribute to the planning, design, optimization, and documentation of test plans, strategies, and setups based on written requirements
  • Contribute to requirements review with a focus on testability, and integration and interface feedback
  • Design and build fixtures for test and manufacturing use
  • Maintain high attention to detail and excellent written and verbal communication skills, striving for tactful, timely, and transparent communication
  • Test & debug electronics with an oscilloscope, multimeter, function generator and other electronic lab equipment
  • Efficiently create detailed test plans and protocols using a variety of templates and formats
  • Provide feedback to cross-functional stakeholders on features that worked well, design elements that could be improved, and other creative solutions to design challenges
  • Conduct test method validations when needed to ensure a high degree of quality
  • Quickly switch focus from precise execution to creative problem solving
  • Assist with root cause analysis of anomalies discovered during testing
  • Maintain a clean, orderly, and professional work environment

Team Expectations:

  • Maintain professional relationships, communication, demeanor, appearance and work environment.
  • Work for the collective good, giving others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Act and speak to support rather than inhibit or sabotage others (clients, teammates, external partners).
  • Work collaboratively and transparently with a sense of urgency, ownership and attention to detail.
  • Internally driven for productivity.
  • Maintain healthy work/life balance.
  • Makes it happen, not just there when it happens.
  • Able to think on her/his feet.
  • Self-aware, others-aware, situationally aware.
  • Humble, but self-confident.
  • Adjust focus on detail or broader view to suit the situation.
  • Be conversant about the medical device industry, advanced technology product development processes, and medical concepts including anatomy, physiology, and disease processes relevant to medical device work.
  • Work within schedule and budget constraints making appropriate trade-off decisions.
  • Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

Benefits Summary:

Everyone matters at Engenious and we take a holistic approach to benefits because we believe that every aspect of our work matters. It should go without saying (but we’re saying it anyway!) that our full-time employees and their families get comprehensive healthcare (including health, vision and dental), life insurance, paid vacation/personal days/sick days, FMLA leave, paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave, profit sharing, HSA with employer match, mobile phone stipend, and more.

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