Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager Job Description

The Engenious Project Manager is a leader who plans and organizes cross-functional design teams to meet goals of customer and Engenious. The Project Manager ensures each project is a great experience for clients and the Engenious team. The Project Manager is mature, stabilizing, collaborative and a forward-thinking leader in the midst of ambiguity and change encountered during product development by answering: “what’s the plan?


Manage client relationship. “How are we doing?”

  • Achieve client’s project goals and ensure a great client experience.
  • Accomplish Engenious goals (healthy relationships, profitability, team capabilities growth, expanded business engagement) and a great team experience.
  • Quickly establish credibility and trust with clients, partners and prospective clients.
  • Cultivate customer relationships, expand Engenious business, and create business-winning project plans and proposals conforming to Engenious standards.

Product development. “What’s the plan?”

  • Establish, maintain and adjust project plans, schedules and budgets in collaboration with clients and Engenious
  • Prioritize and direct team activities to achieve established goals.
  • Create and circulate user-friendly written status updates conforming to Engenious standards
  • Host and lead status update meetings for great client and Engenious team experience.
  • Lead project risk management in collaboration with the project team.
  • Execute project coordinator, product manager responsibilities where appropriate (on smaller projects).

Lead the team.

  • Foster a collaborative, problem-solving culture that inspires and encourages the team.
  • Maintain the highest levels of quality and efficiency for all project aspects.
  • Maximize utilization and potential of Engenious team members.
  • Facilitate face-to-face conversation with each project contributor at least once per week.
  • Mentor project coordinators and Engenious team members.
  • Demonstrate self-control, tact and maturity when dealing with a wide variety of people and situations; navigating conflict, ambiguity, change and facilitating positive resolution.
  • Exhibit excellent communication skills, being self-aware and others-aware to adapt to a variety of communication styles (across all modes of communication).

This position requires 3-5 years of product design/development project management experience. If an individual does not have this level of experience, they can be considered for a project coordinator role, but not a project management role.

Benefits Summary:

Everyone matters at Engenious and we take a holistic approach to benefits because we believe that every aspect of our work matters. It should go without saying (but we’re saying it anyway!) that our full-time employees and their families get comprehensive healthcare (including health, vision and dental), life insurance, paid vacation/personal days/sick days, FMLA leave, paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave, profit sharing, HSA with employer match, mobile phone stipend, and more.

We encourage employees to collaborate and suggest expected and unexpected ways to continually improve benefits. Our benefits rival, and even exceed, those of large organizations – we’ve got your back.

Our Team Is Marked By These Four Cultural Aspirations


We invest in healthy relationships with our team, clients, suppliers, partners, and our community.


We create new things that improve lives.


We work quickly to get what’s important done.


We have healthy unrest with the status quo, and we take responsibility to make things better.

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