Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

The Engenious Mechanical Engineer is responsible for complex mechanical designs. They work closely with our industrial designers, electrical engineers, and prototype shop to conceptualize, design and test fully-functional electro-mechanical designs and prototypes.


  • Architect, Design, Build, Document, and Test complex mechanical and electro-mechanical systems.
  • Lead the Development of New Product Concepts, working closely with industrial designers, electrical engineers, prototype model makers, technicians, and others.
  • Confidently Create Electromechanical Mechanisms, Motion and Fluid Control Systems, and Device Enclosures, combining existing expertise with rapidly acquired product-specific knowledge.
  • Expertly Designing Plastic and Sheet Metal Parts and assemblies using expert knowledge of design for manufacturability principles.
  • Rapidly Create 3D Models in SolidWorks ranging from quick concepts to production-level parts and assemblies using good modeling practices
  • Collaborate on Product Specifications and Requirements to develop component and assembly geometry, specify materials and manufacturing methods, and establish acceptable performance standards.
  • Comfortably Use Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals to evaluate concepts and design elements such as statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.
  • Analyze and Document Key Mechanical System Characteristics, including tolerance stack-up analyses, thermal performance models, mechanism motion properties, or dynamic fluid pressure/flow. Perform complex calculations, analyses, and testing to verify assumptions.
  • Hands-On Construction and Testing of Prototypes using 3D printers, shop tools, and selected suppliers.
  • Create and Execute Test Plans ranging from quick-and-dirty proof-of-concept testing to formal medical device verification and validation, using an appropriate level of documentation and test fixture design.
  • Participate in Discussions with Engenious Clients to understand the market needs, medical procedure details, relevant anatomical/physiological concepts, and to present mechanical design concepts and updates.
  • Document Designs by creating detailed mechanical drawings, assembly instructions, theory-of-operation descriptions, and other documentation common in medical device design.
  • Apply Risk Management to mechanical systems, balancing concepts like design features, patient safety, operator safety, and schedule/budget constraints.


  • Maintain Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • Work Collaboratively with a sense of urgency, ownership and attention to detail.
  • Maintain Professional Relationships, communication, demeanor, appearance and work environment.
  • Be Conversant About the Medical Device Industry, advanced technology product development processes, and medical concepts including anatomy, physiology, and disease processes relevant to medical device work.
  • Makes It Happen, not just there when it happens.
  • Able to Think on Her/His Feet
  • Self-Aware, others-aware, situationally aware.
  • Humble, but self-confident.
  • Internally Driven for productivity.
  • Adjust Focus on Detail or broader view to suit situation.
  • Work Within Schedule and Budget constraints making appropriate trade-off decisions.
  • Must Be Authorized to Work in the United States

We recognize that top talent comes from all over the world, however Engenious Design is unable to offer visa sponsorship opportunities at this time.

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