Electrical Engineering Technician

Job Description:

The Engenious Electrical Engineering Technician is integral to our growing design team, focused on designing, building, testing and reworking prototype electronics for medical devices and other high technology systems. Our EE technicians are part of our secret recipe to rapidly create advanced systems using ultra-fine pitch surface mount electronics assemblies and some of the most advanced tools available. Electronics assembly is a key part of the job, but less than half of the work because our electronics engineering technicians work directly with engineers and have a hand in select design and test activities that set them apart from assembly technicians.


  • Collaborate closely with Electrical Engineers to design and document embedded microcontroller systems, high-speed digital, power supply, motor control, and analog circuit systems.
  • Test & debug electronics with an oscilloscope, multimeter, function generator and other electronic lab equipment.
  • Build and rework prototype fine-pitch (0603 – 0201) surface mount PCBA’s, mixed-technology PCBA’s and cable assemblies.
  • Visually inspect work with a sharp eye for quality.
  • Organize BOM’s, order and manage electronic materials to support prototype builds.
  • Create accurate written records of work
  • Maintain a clean, orderly and professional work environment

Team Expectations: 

  • Maintain healthy work/life balance.
  • Work collaboratively with a sense of urgency, ownership and attention to detail.
  • Maintain professional relationships, communication, demeanor, appearance and work environment.
  • Be conversant about the medical device industry and advanced technology product development processes.
  • Become knowledgeable of medical concepts including anatomy, physiology, and disease processes relevant to medical device work.
  • Makes it happen, not just there when it happens.
  • Able to think on her/his feet.
  • Self-aware, others-aware, situationally aware.
  • Humble, but self-confident.
  • Internally-driven for productivity.
  • Adjust focus on detail or broader view to suit situation.
  • Work within schedule and budget constraints making appropriate trade-off decisions.

Must be authorized to work in the U.S. and like working with a highly-engaged team of sharp people.

We recognize that top talent comes from all over the world, however Engenious Design is unable to offer visa sponsorship opportunities at this time.

Benefits Summary:

Everyone matters at Engenious and we take a holistic approach to benefits because we believe that every aspect of our work matters. It should go without saying (but we’re saying it anyway!) that our full-time employees and their families get comprehensive healthcare (including health, vision and dental), life insurance, paid vacation/personal days/sick days, FMLA leave, paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave, profit sharing, HSA with employer match, mobile phone stipend, and more.

We encourage employees to collaborate and suggest expected and unexpected ways to continually improve benefits. Our benefits rival, and even exceed, those of large organizations – we’ve got your back.

Our Team Is Marked By These Four Cultural Aspirations


We invest in healthy relationships with our team, clients, suppliers, partners, and our community.


We create new things that improve lives.


We work quickly to get what’s important done.


We have healthy unrest with the status quo, and we take responsibility to make things better.

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