Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

The Engenious Electrical Engineer has a passion for product development and experience in taking a product from conception through manufacture. This individual will create analog and digital circuits, including high power amplifiers, sensitive filters, efficient power supplies, robust communications links, and high-speed digital circuits to make products work like magic. They take pride in cramming electronics into tight spots, working closely with our mechanical engineers. Many of our designs have complex electronics at their heart, and Engenious Electrical Engineers make it happen.

This person may be a mid-level design engineer growing in experience and skill, a highly-skilled senior engineer focused on designing electronics, a hands-on designer/leader who spends equal time mentoring engineers and designing electronics, or even an electrical group lead with management responsibilities for our growing electrical team. We look forward to learning about you, your goals, your skills, and how they could fit into the stellar Engenious Electrical Team!


  • Architect, Design, Build, Document, and Test complex embedded electronic and microcontroller systems.
  • Expertly Design high-speed digital, power supply, motor control, analog,8 and RF circuits
  • Lead the Development of new product concepts, working closely with industrial designers, mechanical engineers, prototype model makers, technicians, and others.
  • Evaluate Concepts and Design Elements using electrical engineering fundamentals including tolerance analysis, spice modeling.
  • Build, Debug and Test Prototypes
  • Develop and Execute Test Plans to meet standards and customer requirements.
  • Apply Risk Management to electrical systems.
  • Serve as a Senior Technical Leader on projects
  • Develop and Grow Client Relationships as a key point of technical contact
  • Employ Expert-Level Knowledge on medical device industry standards and regulations
  • Implement and Improve Processes relating to electrical engineering


  • Maintain Professional Relationships, communication, demeanor, appearance, and work environment.
  • Work for the Collective Good, giving others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Act and Speak to Support rather than inhibit or sabotage others (clients, teammates, external partners).
  • Work Collaboratively with a Sense of Urgency, ownership, and attention to detail.
  • Internally Driven for productivity.
  • Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • Makes it Happen, not just there when it happens.
  • Able to Think on Her/His Feet
  • Self-Aware, others-aware, situationally aware.
  • Humble, but self-confident.
  • Adjust Focus on Detail or broader view to suit the situation.
  • Be Conversant about the Medical Device Industry, advanced technology product development processes, and medical concepts including anatomy, physiology, and disease processes relevant to medical device work.
  • Work Within Schedule and Budget Constraints making appropriate trade-off decisions.

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