Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

We seek a senior Electrical Engineer to join our team; a hands-on leader who is an active agent for team growth and support. But in order to work at Engenious it’s important to understand who we are and what we are about. We set out to create a place where we want to work, and we think it’s coming along nicely.

Who we are – From the hospital to the heart of an orbit-bound rocket, we create medical devices and high technology systems that make the world a better place. Co-founded by a third-generation Electrical Engineer, Engenious has always had electronics design at our core. Engenious is a growing, world-class design firm that has been around for 10 years with 50 employees and industry-leading profit margins. Privately owned with no debt, no external investors and healthy reserves, we make thoughtful, long-term decisions for a sustainable and well-resourced organization. We care about creating an organization that benefits our team, our community, the people who use our designs, and the world.

How we work – We intentionally don’t sell anything with our name on it. Instead we make a bigger impact on the world by creating systems for top medical device firms, leading technology companies and startups too. Our projects are ambitious enough that they demand collaboration, and that’s great because our team loves working with each other. Our organization is small enough that everyone matters, it’s a place where your contribution makes a difference. Clients, our team, and our alumni often say that Engenious has assembled the best team they have ever worked with, anywhere.

How we care – Compelling projects that we care about means the team does incredible work, sweating the details while also keeping it fast paced. That doesn’t mean we are here all hours of the day, evenings and weekends. Because we care about work/life balance, we track hours worked per week closely so that we can all have a balance that is healthy and sustainable.

How we grow – The variety of our work and our growth means that Engenious is a place where everyone is growing. Opportunities are all around us; to try new things, hone your craft or learn from each other. No one is likely to get stuck behind a manager who’s parked for a decade – our dynamic growth means leadership advancement is real and always an option for you.



  • Architect, Design, Build and Test complex electronics and embedded microcontroller systems
  • Use Your Complete Set of Talents designing high-speed digital, power supply, motor control, analog, and RF circuits
  • Learn About the Medical Field working on inventive medical devices and applying your existing expertise
  • Work in a Collaborative Team of impressive engineers, technicians, and others
  • Enjoy a Variety of Projects and people while doing meaningful work
  • See Your Designs Help Real People – we create medical devices that save and improve lives such as designing and building life-sustaining medical devices and other advanced electromechanical technology
  • Build a Portfolio to be proud of with technologies that were once only science fiction
  • Mentor and Champion Professional Growth Opportunities for other engineers on your team


  • 100% Focus on Design and we get to be creative every day on different projects
  • A Hands-On Approach to Engineering where we get to design, build, and test advanced technology products in quick iterations
  • A Large Variety of Clients and Products – it never gets dull around here
  • An Infectious Sense of Urgency about the important work we do
  • An Awesome Lab with great equipment and tools – it’s like a playground for electronics


  • Sustainable work hours – We’re all about a great mix of work-life fulfillment. We’ll give you 7 weeks paid-time-off each year as a base. No need to build up your PTO before using it. We have additional allocations for paid jury duty, short-term, bereavement and parental leave.
  • Parental Leave – Get the time off you need with our extended parental leave for any new parent
  • Flexible Work Time and Space – We thrive in a collaborative, in-office environment, but also support flexibility when needed.
  • Full-Time Benefits that include health/life/dental/vision insurance, orthodontics stipend
  • Bonus program: Our annual bonus program means that our team wins together
  • Contribute to Your Retirement – An IRA with immediate vesting – no wait for what you have earned. We’ll match your contribution, up to 3% of your salary.
  • Health Savings Account – Matched up to the federal limit, that rolls over to build up for large medical expenses
  • Company-Wide Timeout Days – Work uninterrupted with no scheduled meetings
  • Supply You with Tools for Success – We invest in the infrastructure you need to do your job from powerful computer hardware for CAD work to proprietary software
  • Team Hospitality – Social events, lunches and drinks and snacks are well stocked to keep you going

This leadership position is based in our Kansas City design center, and not available as a remote job.

Have questions? Feel free to email us.